Individual Sales & Event Catering

Life's most special occasions are even sweeter when shared with loved ones.   For your next event delight your family and friends with a bountiful display of beautiful, delectable desserts.​  Choose from an array traditional Italian cookie trays, pastries and cakes. Decadent layered Italian sponge cakes make an impressive centerpiece for parties, but are beautiful enough to serve on their own as a sophisticated birthday cake or even a simple wedding cake.  Or brighten a home-sick east-coaster's day with black-and-white cookies, cinnamon crumb cake, decadent chocolate babka, or a batch of homemade cannoli shells.

Long Lost Recipes
Have you been reminiscing about a special treat from your childhood that only Grandma knew how to make?   Are you trying to locate sweets from another country?  I love a good baking challenge and will gladly do the research to recreate that recipe just for you.  Because traditional sweets are my specialty, everything I bake is  made to order in small batches and prepared using only the highest quality, old-world ingredients.  If my  Great-Grandmother could not grow it, raise it or acquire from the town grocer back in her day, then it is not used in my products.  Period. The result; beautifully rustic desserts that never taste or look like they came from a factory.



​​Running any type of food business is a challenge, and sometimes it is truly impossible to do it all.  In your case would it be more cost effective to hire an outside baker?   If so I would love to discuss my wholesale services with you.   Please review the menu tab for featured products and let's chat about creating a signature dessert just for your establishment. I'm a passionate baker and make all types of baked treats, not just Italian.