About The Bronx Baker

I’m a first-generation Italian-American born in raised in the Bronx, NY and Orlando, FL.  After meeting my husband I transplanted here, in Ventura.  My passion is recreating the absolute best versions of traditional Italian desserts shared by my big Italian family. I'm a traditional foodie, and thanks to the eclectic populations of NY and FL, I am a huge fan of old-school Jewish delis, and crave the exciting Caribbean flavors introduced to me by old friends and neighbors native to the Islands. I love me some rum cake! There’s also a bit of Brit thrown into my background from my days studying in London during college.  Yes, I’m a little all over the place, but that’s what makes me American, and at some point in my life all of these places and tastes were home. 

How it all began

Baking is my obsession, and it brings me joy to share my creations.  Per my seven-year-old daughter Elena, it’s my “God given talent!  You HAVE to do it!” As a kid, every Christmas I baked hundreds of cookies, zeppole and mounds of Struffoli with my mother and aunts. Easter was the time for beautiful braided breads studded with colored eggs and the ancient Pasteria. My dad and I loved to bake bread and pizza together.


Baking is also my stress reliever helped and me get through the loss of my father and other major life transitions.  During the recession, I was laid off from my job - and 15 weeks pregnant.  With the support of my husband I decided to start my own cottage baking business. When my daughter was only 9 months old I presented samples to a local restaurant and they called me the next day to order more. For three years, I produced Italian desserts for local restaurants, event planners and retail shops.  Now, I’m off a two-year hiatus with two new additions to the family; a little boy named Enzo, and a fully remodeled kitchen! Mama Mia!  Life is good. 

Daniella Accardi Stroh